I talked about it in my last post, and it still permeates. The Kanban board I have pushed for at work is still not up. The CIO has even approved it. And you’d think a $100 purchase of a whiteboard and some post-its would be a trivially simple task. However, after a couple weeks, still nothing. We ran a trial on a whiteboard in another workers office while they were away on vacation for a week. And you could quickly see where our bottlenecks were. But the team seeing them, and the people who can actually institute change are two different things. Maybe in another couple weeks we’ll finally get it up. Maybe not.

Another fun part of the past few weeks was taking a week to decide on the font for the title of a corporate report. You’d think we would have a standard format. And you’d be right. We do. I followed it initially. Was asked to change it twice since then. Finally had enough and got a PM, BA, and two other employees, and a member of Senior Management. And yet it took that long for someone to explain what the font should be. Turns out, it was exactly like the corporate standard…but no italics. That was it. A week and probably 10-15 man hours between several people to say “No italics”.

Next topic is going to be about UI…and why you don’t let the users design them. Not that they aren’t critical to the process. After all, they’re the owner of the product!

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