Change and working conditions.

It’s funny what can affect our ability to be productive. Well, actually it’s not funny. It’s serious. And it’s been studied to death. But it’s funny when you apply some of the changes and realize how drastically a simple change can affect your mood and productivity.

I, as has been mentioned before, recently changed jobs. My current employer is a consulting firm. The offices are nice. While it’s an open area, we’re rarely working at the offices. We’re typically on site. Each site has a different setup. Currently, I’m in a room, slightly smaller than it should be, but with four other devs, all working on the same things. At times it gets a little noisy, but for the most part, it’s quiet. There are no phones ringing. Rarely spontaneous meetings breaking everyones conversation. And we have a window.

That light does wonders for morale. At least for me, since I was so used to having no sunlight for 8 hours a day, and in the winter, when it’s only just starting to get light out when you walk into the building for your shift, and it’s starting to get dark when you leave, having no light during the day is an absolute energy suck. I feel so much better working in natural light.

This weekend I cleaned my home office. It was a mess. It was the room that everything was being dumped in. I should have taken a before picture. But now, after cleaning up and disposing of a lot of the clutter. As well as putting up shelves, and cleaning off the desk, I find I want to use my computer and work on projects at home again.

My last job was so negative that I didn’t even want to touch a computer when I got home. I had lost my drive to learn and try new things. It’s a great feeling when you once again love what you do, and where you work.

I have some big ideas for projects. And I can’t wait to turn them into reality.

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  • I can resonate with sunlight = motivation. Before we moved into our new office, our office 10 people where in a 20 x 20 room which was part of a office hotel type deal where offices are rented out for transitioning businesses. In this room was our 1 rack full of servers etc. And NO windows. It was an inclosed box. In the winter I’d walk in in darkness and leave in darkness; sometimes 2-3 weeks at a time. So when we moved into our 6500 sq ft behemoth with many windows, productivity increased significantly.