Prairie Developer Conference – Review

Another PDC has come to an end. Too soon.

Aside from the knowledge, the number one thing I take away from conferences like PDC is a feeling of motivation. I have ideas popping into my head throughout the sessions. I’m adding project ideas to my already long list of ideas. I have a renewed passion for programming.

The second thing I take away, is what I missed. There are so many great speakers, and too little time. Every session is a choice. Do I go to the DDD talk by Belcham? Or Dave Mosher’s talk on AngularJS? And what happens when when the session finishes and you’re excited? You compare notes with a friend who went to another talk, and you BOTH wish you could also have seen the other talk…and sometimes the other two as well!

I went to a few mobile development sessions as well, and while I have always wanted to write an app, I was never motivated enough. I had some ideas, but for iOS, you need a Mac…and then there is that $99 fee. And I’d need to use Objective C…and manage memory? It’s 2013…why would I want to do that. But, tooling has come a long way. And after I click submit on this post, I’m going to start installing Xamarin and get started on my first mobile app. I’m going to write it for Android first and see how it goes. Probably then make a nice Responsive HTML5 app as well, so that iOS, BB, and Win users can still use it…and maybe then I’ll have the extra motivation to get a Mac, and write a native iOS app. And after that…who knows.

There was also a really interesting talk on Hacking Hardware by Donald Belcham…which, coincidentally, gave me a simple hardware idea that can work with the mobile app I’m about to write.

So if you went to PDC, and didn’t learn anything, I’ll be shocked. It’s hard to listen to such great speakers, talking about things they are passionate about and not get caught up in it.

…now I have some development to do.

ps. It’s finally spring in Manitoba, I’m on the back patio relaxing as I write this…I need to work outside more!

pps. Thanks to D’Arcy and his staff, and ALL the sponsors for such a great event.

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  • Ugh…1.4GB in dependencies to download…this could take a while.

  • I have to say that I completely agree with the hacking hardware bit. Built a cluster of Raspberry Pi’s for shits and giggles and it worked fantastically. Then I took it apart, and made 1 into a little mobile sniffing station, that has a battery life of 2 days, and I can access from the net(via mobile dongle). It is a tiny little thing I can hide in most spaces, and provides and interesting attack vector when pen testing.

    I love the hardware hacking community, they are helpful and insightful and it is definitely a change of pace. I highly recommend it.