Do your job…take my money!

So, my girlfriend is trying to buy a new car. Upgrade her aging civic for a small SUV. After a few test drives, a Honda CRV is top of her list.

So we head to the one dealer because she wants me to test drive one (she already has). What transpired was the single worst job of sales I have ever witnessed.

We enter and a few salesmen are chatting. One walks over. We get through the introductions, and he asks what we’re looking for. “I’m looking to upgrade to a CRV EX or EXL”. He leads us to his desk and looks to see what they have in stock. They have one, so far so good, and he heads off to find it.

Comes back, “sorry, it’s sold” … silence.

“Can you check the other dealers in your group? Do they have any”, my girlfriend asks.

“I don’t think so, they are pretty much all sold out, making room for the 2014s” he mumbles, but finally leaves to check after we insist he does.

While he’s gone we’re reading what they have in stock, since it’s up on the computer screen. They have a bunch of touring edition, one has been in stock for over 250 days. I think, perfect, if they are making room for the 2014s, maybe they’ll deal on one of these that’s just sitting there taking up space.

He comes back and tells us there are only two left in the province. Which I know is crap, we’ve called around, and we walked a bunch of lots on the long weekend when they were closed. But he tells us we could write up a deal on one…but he can’t guarantee it…because they have to do a dealer trade. It’s difficult, bla bla bla…

So, “What about the touring edition? What’s your best price on one of them?” He pulls out his calculator…basically adds the taxes and fees on. “$43000”

“Seriously? Sticker price, you can’t do better?”, “What’s the best you can do?”, etc, nothing, he finally comes down a grand. But won’t go to his manager and see if he can do better. Shit, pretend to talk to your manager. Anything. Make it look like you’re trying to make a sale. I’m frustrated and say “let’s go to a different dealer”. We leave, he still makes no effort to make a sale.

So we head to Ford to check out an Escape. I’m still annoyed, so call the Honda dealer and ask for the sales manager. I relay the story and explain it was the worst experience I have ever had buying a vehicle and if I was the manager, I’d want to know if my employees were that useless…you probably think you know what happens now, but you’re wrong.

The sales manager just says “That doesn’t sound like him, I’ll talk to him. Thanks.”

And that’s it…you’re the Sales Manager, a customer left, angry, with a horrible experience, you’re supposed to say “I’m sorry that happened, come back, asks for me, my name’s whatever, I’ll deal with you personally, and we’ll try and work something out”

So now I’m thinking of calling the General Manager, not because I think she should buy a car from there, but because two levels of your employees have made no effort whatsoever to make a sale. I’d want to know. Your salesman didn’t show us a vehicle, didn’t ask if we wanted to test drive one…seriously? That’s how you sell?

I’d prefer the in your face stereotypical salesperson, at least they are trying to do their job. That I could deal with.


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